A Portrait of a Mobile Consumer - Infographic

We are all well aware of the increasing amount of time and money people are spending on the internet.

But what is the exact nature of the 'mobile consumer' in particular, how is the way we use mobile data changing, and where is it headed? A picture paints a thousand words, so we decided to create an infographic to demonstrate the rapidly transforming role mobiles are playing in our world.

Cloud and Mobile Data

The marked shift from non-cloud to mobile cloud traffic is set to continue, coinciding with the increased use of 4G. As a result, it is predicted that we can expect to see mobile operators offering data packages for mobile consumers that more closely resemble current fixed broadband packages.

Mobile Commerce

More time spent online inevitably means more dollars spent through e-commerce channels, and m-commerce is estimated to reach a whopping $626 billion by 2018. Mobile friendly payment gateways like PayPal have assisted this growth.

Mobile in Retail

Mobiles play an increasing role in bricks and mortar shopping experiences as well, with 90% of consumers making use of their smart phones before hitting the stores, checking out locations and opening hours. Once in the store, retailers are working at incentivising customers to spend in-store by using near field communications and QR codes to offer discounts, as well as to redeem coupons and vouchers.

Mobile Visuals

A picture paints a thousand words, and mobile consumers’ vocabularies are shifting from textual to visual. Add the consideration that two thirds of mobile media consumers use a second screen, and it just goes to show how important it is that information is available in a simple and easily digestible format, with adequate download capacity and speed.

Businesses and Mobile Consumers

Businesses are going to great lengths to turn consumers’ relationships with brands into conversions, and they are achieving this by leveraging data to offer an increasingly personalised offering. This can include the much talked about ‘ambient commerce’, where businesses use available information about the mobile consumer to anticipate purchase needs and seamlessly fulfil needs.

Lifestyle and Environment

Mobiles are well and truly integrated into most aspects of our lives. From learning about our world and the issues facing it, such as global warming and climate change, to utilising the technology to gain medical advice and complete tasks that were previously reserved for our offline experience. Now and only more so in the near future, mobiles are enabling us to interact with the world around us in revolutionary and fascinating ways.

Mobile Consumer Infographic

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