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About Rugs, Carpets & Flooring

People don’t often consider the flooring that they are walking on until it comes to choosing it themselves - and then it becomes all-important. Vinyl, wood, carpet or tiling, the flooring you choose can make a huge impact on a room. If you are looking to redecorate or have recently moved to a new house the cost of re-tiling, carpeting or buying laminate might come as a shock, so check out our carpet deals and find the perfect flooring for you at a more affordable price. Maybe you don’t appreciate the floral carpet in your new hallway or agree that no bedroom is complete without a warming rug on the floor – whatever you’re interior design plans, there’s a voucher to help you meet all of your flooring needs!

There are many factors to consider when flooring a room, not only the aesthetics but the practical aspects as well. The flooring you choose needs to suit its day to day use; an entranceway carpet should be hardwearing and stain resistant to tackle all of those muddy boots and shoes, while your front room should be luxurious and soft so you can properly relax after a hard day at work. Your kitchen floor should be fit for purpose and compliment your cabinets while your bathroom floor must be water resistant and could keep you warm with underfloor heating too. Our discount carpet vouchers can help you find the perfect flooring while allowing you to pick the pattern or colour that fits your design. Think you can’t afford that beautiful hard wood floor for your kitchen? Think again!